We have been teaching students in The Olympic Way over the past years, reaping unforeseen results in students at different levels of intellectual development, e.g. Even those with dyslexia came out to be No.2 or No.7 of the whole class! Not to mention those with normal intelligence - many would find their ways into the top 3 of the Hong Kong universities, with some scoring 5* in the Diploma of Secondary Education (DSE) English!

      “The Olympic Way of teaching” means ‘stretching students as far as they can reach’, e.g. Students would be tested at a higher form of English knowledge. So far, several geniuses have emerged, e.g. A Primary 6 student passing an old HKCEE exam paper and two other Form One students passed the old DSE exam papers, too!

      Over here, we often have students rejoicing over their first times: first time of passing, first time of getting 80 marks, first time of becoming 1st or 2nd in the whole class, first time of having their compositions being put on school class’s noticeboard as Modal Composition, first time of becoming 1st of the whole form, etc., etc. Come and share in the joy of these ‘first times’!


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    Give your precious child the Olympic-way of learning English and getting into the best university in town!



  1. Yu (2001 - F5 - Passed HKCEE English exam, after failing it the previous year before)
  2. S. Chan (2006 - F5 - Passed her school mock exams - she came out to be 3rd of whole class!!)
  3. C. Chan (2006 - F5 - Passed her school mock exams - she came out to be 4th of whole class!!)

    Six-month intensive courses for University Entrance/GCSE/IELTS/ Cambridge's Proficiency in English exams


    A Thai student has successfully passed his Chulalorngong University's MBA entrance interview!!

    English Public-Speaking Skills in small groups of 5 

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