The Spirit Rain


The Birth of The Spirit Rain

The Spirit Rain was born in 2013, by God's amazing guidance: While I was looking for a guitar coach at a music shop, the sales assistant ("angel") there just pointed to someone, who was already there, playing a guitar. But that person didn't click with me. The next time I brought my old guitar for remodelling to my "angel", he introduced another coach to me - P Li, who encouraged me to compose my own songs and dress them up with Arrangements: within a short time, 17 songs were composed, and some of them were already sung on our Outreach trips. In the interim, I heard the news that my "angel friend" had passed away 😰: it seemed that his existence was there just to help me along. I must try my very best to compose more meaningful songs and beautiful music ~~. We're already into the making of Praise Album *8 now. Pray you'll like them, my friends!