The Coming King - Mizz Liu (vocal)

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This song portrays the final scene in the Book of Revelations, when Lord Jesus returns in His Second Coming, to ascend to His Throne on earth. All earthly kings and rulers will surrender their crowns at the foot of the Lord, as multitudes of people from different tribes and nationalities, kneel before Him, to give glory to the Lord! Enjoy!

Verse 1:

耶稣基督, 復活的主; 救世計劃,  被釘十架;

荣耀威嚴 全歸於祂. 天上地下 萬物俯拜.

Verse 2:

聖哉, 聖哉, 今在永在, 慈悲荣美, 永無更改.

威赫荣光, 誰能匹比? 华麗冠冕 呈宝座前.   


宇宙星宿 欢欣擁戴; 天軍天使 齊集敬拜. 

祂是聖潔, 誠信公義. 獨一真神, 耶稣基督!


荣光歸於 耶稣基督! 平安歸於 地上的人.

再来的王 将被膏立; 神的国权 在地設立!


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