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The University of South Australia
Doctor of Business Administration (DBA/PhD Class 16th Intake)
Class 2007





A. Networking :

Dr. Asano, M. Glenn (Transform People International)
Dr. Auw, C.C. Emily ( Management Ltd. - English Tutorial)
Chan, K.T. Thomas (Caritas Bianchi College of Careers - Lecturer)
Chan, W.C. Wilson (Riche Monde China - Wine)
Dr. Cheng, W. Gary (HK Productivity Council)
Dr. Cheung, C.T. Ronnie (Polytechnic University - Lecturer)
Gan, B.L. Florence (Polytechnic University - Instructor)
Hong, J.K. (BNP Paribas Group)
Ko, T.Y. Andy (Bank of China HK Ltd. - Internal Audit)
Kwok, W.W. Martie (HKSAR Civil Servant)
Lee, W.T. Frankie (MeadWestvaco - papermill)
Luo, X. Roy (United Nations, China)
Dr. Ng. H.C. Hamlet (Associated International Hotels Ltd.)
Dr. Poon. W.K. Irene (Milton Plastics Co., Ltd.)
Tsang, K.L. Peter (Citybus)
Dr. Tang, W.S. (HK Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council)
Dr. Wong, S.M. Helen (Polytechnic University - Community College)
Wong, Michael (SPCA)




The Open University of Hong Kong 
Master of Business Administration (MBA) 
Class 2000 



A. Networking : 

AU, Grace (Manager of Metro Link Technology Limited, graduated in 2003)
AU, Sam MInst.AM (Adv.Dip, Fire Services Ambulance Command, graduated in 2002)

Dr. AUW, Emily C.C. (Court reporter training, DipSS, DipMS, ACIS, RFP, MBA,

                                 DBA, PhD (current); Chartered Secretary; Member of HongKong

                                 Mediation Council)

                                (CEO of Management Ltd ; graduated in 2004)

                                *   Top Student of own class (B822 - Creativity, Innovation &

                                ** Speaker at Top Student's Sharing in 2002, 2004 & 2005
                                      (B890- International Enterprises)


CHAN, Anthony (Technical Support, SympaTex Technologies, Acordis Hong Kong Ltd., graduated in 2004)

CHAN, S.F. (CPA; Certified Public Accountant; Director of Timyu Industrial Ltd., graduated in 2001)

CHEUNG, Cynthia (Assistant Company Secretary, graduated in 2007)
CHEUNG, David K.O. (Quality Assurance Manager of Pollution & Protection Services Ltd, graduated in 2001)

FUNG, Wah Sum  (Manager - Hong Kong Branch, Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd., graduated in 2004)

HO, Simon (Product Manager of The Hong Kong Jockey Club, graduated in 2000)
IP, Flora K.F. (Director, Lifetime Learning Centre, graduated in 2001)

KAM, W.K.  (FICS; Chartered Shipbroker; Managing Director of V.T.I. Fertasco (FarEast) Limited), graduated in 2001.

KWAN, Cindy  (BBA; Customer Services' Assistant, Hong Kong Housing Authority(Tze Wan Shan), graduating in 2004)

KWAN, Jade (VTech System Architecture Company, graduated in 2004)
LAI, Cindy L.Y.  (Hong Kong Housing Authority, graduated in 2004)
LAI, Diane  (Administrator, Bank of China, graduated in 2005)
LAM, Cindy L.Y. (MHKIH; Property Management Executive; Easyliving Property Management Company, graduated in 2004)
LAM, Katie L.K.  (ACIS, ACS; Company Secretary; Gardens (Holdings) Limited,graduated in 2000)
LAM, Thomas  (CEO, Marvel Harvest, graduated in 2007)
LAM, Twisbee  (Commercial Projects Officer of Kowloon Canton-Railways Corporation, graduated in 2002)
LAU, Tommy W.T.  (Restaurant Manager - Scala Fine Dining, Renaissance Harbour View Hotel, graduated in 2001)
LEE, Evelyn H.Y.  (BSocSc(Hon), MSc (Urban Planning), MHKIP, MRTPI; Planner; City Planning Consultants Ltd., graduating in 2004)
LEUNG, Johnny  (MInst.M; Marketing Director, China Daily Hong Kong Limited, graduated in 2003)
LO, Eileen  (BBA; Full-time student, graduated in 2003)
LUI, Anita Mei-Lui  (System Analyst of AXA Co., Ltd., graduated in 2002)
LUI, Mike   (Citibank International, graduated in 2005)
MA, Aimen Y.M. (Professional Marketing Manager of Johnson & Johnson (HK) Ltd.,graduated in 2004)
PANG, Roger C.S. (MSc (Computer), BBA; Managing Director of Advent Engineering & Technology Enterprise, graduated in 2003)
SIU, Ivy Wing-Kum  (BBA; Executive Officer of Vocational Training Council, graduated in 2001)
TAN, Peter  (Keng Seng Trading & Co., Ltd., graduated in 2003)
TANG, Mascot W.Y.  (Systems Consultant of Automated Systems (HK) Limited, graduated in 2002)
TSANG, Anthony K.C., (MS-ITIA; IT Communications Officer, ICAC Community Relations Dept., graduated in 2004)
TSE, Eddy T.H. (MInst.HRM; Clerk I (Staffing) of The University of Hong Kong, graduated in 2002)
TSO, Arthur W.H. (Customer Care Manager - North Customer Services Department of CLP Power, graduated in 2003)
WONG, Hubert  (Sales & Marketing Manager for Electric Vehicles of Vicmax Corporation, graduated in 2001)
YAN Sum Wing  (Manager - Service Centre Operations, Customer Services Department of CLP  Power, graduated in 2003)
YAU, Isaac Chi-Chiu  (Chief Officer of Correctional Services Department, SAR Hong Kong Government, graduated in 2002)
YEUNG, Desmond  (ACCA; Accountant of SCS, graduated in 2001)
YIU, Florence S.Y.  (Marketing Supervisor, Visual Systems Division, 3M Hong Kong Limited, graduated in 2002)



ACCA                 -  The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (UK) 
ACIS                   -  Associate Member of The Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administrators (UK) 
ACS                    -   Associate Member of The Institute of Company Secretaries 
BBA                    -   Bachelor Degree of Business Administration 
BSocSc(Hon)       -  Bachelor Degree of Social Sciences (Honours) 
CA                      -  Chartered Accountant 
CPA                    -  Certified Public Accountant 
DMS                   -   Diploma of Management Studies 
DSS                   -   Diploma of Secretarial Studies (UK) 
FICS                  -   Fellow Member of The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers 
LLB                    -   Bachelor of Laws 
MHKIH               -   Member of Hong Kong Institute of Housing 
MHKIP               -   Member of Hong Kong Institute of Planners 
MInst.AM           -   Member of The Institute of Administrative Management 
MICE                 -   Member of The Institute of Chartered Engineers 
MInst.HRM         -  Member of The Institute of Human Resources Management    
MInst.M             -   Member of The Institute of Marketing         
MRCP                -   Member of The Royal College of Physicians 
MRTPI               -   Member of The Royal Town Planners' Institution 
MSc (UP)           -   Master Degree of Science in Urban Planning 
RFP                   -   Hong Kong Society of Registered Financial Planners



B. Tutors : 

1. B822 (Creativity, Innovation & Change): Prof. Joseph Cheung 
2. B890 (International Enterprises): Mr. T.C. Chu/Dr. William So 
3. B820 (Strategy): Mr. Sammy Leung 
4. B891 (Marketing): Dr. William So 
5. B893 (e-Commerce): Mr. Hugo Chan 
6. B892 (Asia-Pacific): Mr. Tommy Cheung /Mr. Bruce Chan



C. My Study Tips : 

Dr. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Auw
Year of Graduation: 2004
Post time: 18/11/04 12:13 AM


My study tips


I am a Chartered Secretary by training and now a niche marketer in running my own English tutorial centre. 

I had first started my association with The Open University of Hong Kong (OUHK) in April of 1990 (in its first academic year of 89-90), when I was attracted by some Bachelor of Arts' subjects (Poetry & Drama and Arts Foundation). I then left it to complete my Chartered Secretaryship studies with The Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administrators (ICSA) in the UK. I rejoined OUHK in April of 2000, pursuing my Master of Business Administration (MBA) studies, completing 4 years later. 

All through the years, I have found the OUHK courses to be most fitting to me, in terms of its flexibility in timing, and the tutors/fellow students, most helpful. 

Regarding study tips, I would recommend fellow students to be 'well-connected', in terms of updating yourself with the most recent and useful news in your industry, as well as with the appropriate people, as these would be the most required resources to do your Tutor-Marked-Assignments (TMAs). I have trained myself to treat each TMA as a research practice, though most TMAs were in case studies' format. I've found the TMAs to be challenging, because of both my professional and business backgrounds, as these TMAs could enrich my train-of-thoughts in daily dealings. 

'Networking with fellow students in study groups' would be another advantage which has propelled me forward in most of my studies. We would not just sit down and talk, but would rather invent some questions for us to try to answer, to get our thoughts into an 'examination mentality' (to prepare us for war). 

Sometimes, we would divide our questions into groups and would invite some mates to summarize their answers in table format, for us to memorize them, so as to save us time in that particular area. 

Attending Top Student Sharing Seminar would be another suggested gesture, because we would get a feel of what made a Top Student and understand how some particular students could get ahead of the others and surpassing all obstacles. 

You would consider yourself blessed if you have a tutor who would summarize the lessons in note form for you, which we have quite a lot of such kind of tutor. (Bless their hearts.) 

I have also considered myself blessed to have built 'a network of networks' with my fellow students all through the years, as we would send each other past exam papers, tips, notes, CDs, emails, or go out for gatherings to chat some more. Sometimes we would entertain requests to fax/scan some past notes to some new students, who might be attending their first course. We treated each other as brothers and sisters of a big family. 

I have also assisted my tutors in coaching other students in mock exams and sharing my experiences at Top Students' Seminars. 

My enthusiasm has also attracted the attention of some past tutors, who recommended and endorsed me for my Doctor in Business Administration (DBA) course. 

I'm most thankful to everyone who has lent me a hand in my studies, especially to my family members (my husband - for being patient with me when I was 'cooking my TMAs' rather than meals for him; my brother & sister-in-laws - for taking care of my meals while I disappeared into my library research work; my mum - for her unfailing love and encouragement), my tutors and fellow students. May God bless you all. 

Dr. Emily Ruth Auw

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